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Mint Your Passion

What is YouMinter?

YouMinter is a social network in easy-to-use iOS and Android app with NFT feed, followers, and likes, that opens up the world of NFT to everyone and which is owned by its users.

Create, mint, and share your NFTs on any blockchain with just a few taps and own a part of the project.


YouMinter is a perfect tool for bloggers, influencers, creators, fans, and collectors.

  • Create exclusive NFT content and post it in your feed;
  • Build your own community of fans, share your NFTs with them, and sell them for the best price;
  • Own a part of the company by promoting your account and growing the number of your followers.

Seamless NFT experience

All features are combined in one easy-to-use application
Built on NEAR Protocol, which means maximum convenience and comfort for our users
Everything is easy and intuitive: the app works in blockchain, but all you need is Apple Pay and Google Pay

YouMinter mobile application will be available for iOS and Android, and that is the only thing you need to create, sell, buy, or send your NFTs. This is a social app, so we are adding everything you need to build your communities, follow bloggers and artists, and communicate with all of them in one single place.

The technology is secure, simple, crystal clear, and guarantees you a safe and stable experience. We are doing everything on the fly and behind the scenes, but if you need, you can always use your NEAR wallet anywhere. Moreover, with the NEAR Protocol the cost of the transactions will be almost free.

You do not need to deal with multiple apps, devices, wallets, or learn details on how blockchain works, because now all workflows are native and accessible in a single place — YouMinter mobile application with the ability to use Apple and Google Pay for transactions.

Ownership Economy

Each our user owns it

50% of tokens are locked and will remain owned by YouMinter users.

Members will receive linear vesting from the first month after release and for the next 5 years

And yes, the sooner you become part of our community, the bigger share in the company awaits you!


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