Mint Your Passion

Get the WEB3 social network YouMinter on Android or iOS and explore the boundless NFT world on the go. Join today to co-own the platform with other users and build the Web3 future together.

Built on NEAR
YouMinter app

YouMinter is the next generation of social media that gives users actual ownership of their content and control over the platform itself.


Intuitive onboarding

Intuitive onboarding

YouMinter comes as a handy all-in-one Web3 app with a sleek registration process and convenient usage mechanics. Thus, any user can create & share their NFTs without any additional tools or special knowledge. Your creativity is first - the rest is on us.

Low cost & High speed

We are built on NEAR, so all the transactions are lightning and almost free. Thanks to these pros you can concentrate on the process of NFTs creation and growing your community. Such approach allows multifarious users to join YouMinter’s platform with ease to #MintYourPassion.

Low cost & High speed
All-in-one tool for NFTs

All-in-one tool for NFTs

The main goal of YouMinter is to simplify the creation of Web3 content. No third-party tools are required. Here you can find everything you need to create & share NFTs, build your community & grow your brand, as well as monetize your oeuvre.

Unlock the power of community

With YouMinter, you can build your community right in the app. Grow your followers base, and interact with the other creators and their NFTs to take advantage of social media power. Make your NFTs stand out using the power of inner networking.

Unlock the power of community
Monetize your creativity

Monetize your creativity

Besides selling and sharing your NFTs, YouMinter allows you to co-own the platform while growing. This is the key option that differentiates YouMinter from other social network apps. Using Ownership Economy principles we’re building win-win relations with our community.


YouMinter users can stake their UMINT tokens within the app and receive a percentage back as a reward. Leveraging this feature means that you can stake higher amounts of UMINT tokens to unlock better rewards and enjoy optimized in-app experiences.

Become an influencer

Become an influencer

YouMinter welcomes digital creators who'd like to find a better place to monetize their creativity and be a part of a new Web3 world. Apply now to become YouMinter's brand leaders, ambassadors, and early adopters.


Phase 1

  • Public Beta on NEAR Mainnet
  • Genesis NFT Cameras release & sale
  • Marketing kickoff
  • Discord Community Build-up

Phase 2

  • Ranking system
  • Ownership Economy
  • Community NFT collections
  • Integration With NFT Marketplace
  • Global Ambassador program

Phase 3

  • Cameras & Lenses implementation & Marketplace
  • Contest System
  • Referral program
  • In-app wallet upgrade & third party wallets integration

Phase 4

  • AR for NFTs
  • Metaverse launch
  • DAO principles implementation
  • Multi-chain

Meet Our Team

Joe Passion Joe Passion Co-founder
Karym A. Karym A. CEO
Serj L. Serj L. CTO
Michael S. Michael S. Partnership Manager


YouMinter has partnered with innovative players in the industry to build the Web3 feature.

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